Do we need a TE technology roadmap?

Roadmaps are all the rage. As exhibit A I draw your attention to the recently published “Future semiconductor material requirements and innovations as projected in the ITRS 2005 roadmap” [Arden 2006], self-described as an attempt “to define future requirements and development of the semiconductor technology for the next 15 years”. Ambitious stuff! Technology plans 15 years hence? I don’t even know what’s for dinner. Still, it seems to me this sort of consensus statement can have some real benefits for the community as a whole. Even if your own personal or organizational goals conflict in some way with the consensus, at least your decisions are slightly more informed. Slightly less random walk, slightly more wandering in the right direction. Questions: Could thermoelectrics benefit from a Roadmap? Who would prepare it? Who would endorse it? To be sure, everyone has their own roadmap now. DARPA & ONR have roadmaps. DoE has a roadmap. NASA/JPL has a roadmap. NEDO has one. There is a “European Network” with one. Each TE company has one. Even University acedemics have them. Any volunteers? Comments encouraged (click below). [1] W. Arden, “Future Semiconductor Material Requirements and Innovations as Projected in the Itrs 2005 Roadmap,” Materials Science and Engineering B, vol. 134, pp. 104-108, 2006.