Journal of Thermoelectricity: 2007 Subscriptions

Dear colleagues, “Journal of Thermoelectricity” Publishers informs you of continuing subscription for the journal of 2007.

“Journal of Thermoelectricity” is the only international journal of such profile. It has been published in Ukraine since 1993 by Institute of Thermoelectricity of the National Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The journal publication is promoted by the International Thermoelectric Academy, especially as regards qualified reviewing of papers.

The editorial board of the journal includes leading specialists in thermoelectricity. The journal is published in the English, Russian and Ukrainian languages, thus being acceptable to readers from many countries. In addition to papers sent for publication, the journal publishes proceedings of International Forums on Thermoelectricity.

Having joined our subscribers, in “Journal of Thermoelectricity” you will find original presentations comprising basically new results and calling for urgent publication, as well as review papers generalizing research results and being of general interest for a wide circle of readers.

We hope that you will find interesting the papers that were published in the previous journal issues. You can get acquainted with their content on our site: WWW:

We think that the above information will serve as invitation for cooperation with our journal.

The terms of subscription are available in the attached order form for the journal. Looking forward to your answer and proposals.


With the best regards,

“Journal of Thermoelectricity” Publishers.