Ukraine President honors Prof. Anatychuk: 70-th Jubilee and 50 Years in Thermoelectrics

Academician, Professor L. Anatychuk from Ukraine, scientist, engineer, the author of books and scientific works, editor of “Journal of  Thermoelectricity”, organizer and President of the International Thermoelectric Academy is well known to thermoelectric community.

On July 15 Dr. Anatychuk celebrates his 70-th jubilee and 50-th anniversary of scientific and pedagogical activity in the field of  thermoelectricity.

On the eve of this glorious jubilee, President of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko awarded Dr. L.Anatychuk with the Order “For Meritorious Service” of  first degree.  A Decree on this deed of esteem has been officially
announced on the site of President of Ukraine

Dr. L.I. Anatychuk had been already awarded with 4 Orders, among them 2 Orders “For Meritorious Service” of second and third degree.  Now by the Decree of President Yuschenko the two Orders “For Meritorious
Service” have been supplemented by the Order “For Meritorious Service” of first degree. Thus, Dr. Anatychuk becomes full holder of  three Orders “For Meritorious Service”.  In the Decree it is noted that these awards are for the “achievements in science, technology and education”.

Congratulations to Dr. L.I.Anatychuk! Well done!

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The upcoming events on the occasion of the jubilee festivities and International Forum on Thermoelectricity on July 15 -19, 2007 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, will be highlighted in further news.

    — O. Luste,