Notes from the 2007 ETS Board Meeting

The Board of the European Thermoelectric Society met in Odessa on
September 9, 2007 prior to ECT2007.  The following is a brief summary of
some items of general interest discussed at the meeting.

Proposals to Organize ECT

The Board will ask for proposals to organize the annual European
Conference on Thermoelectrics (ECT) and make their decision two years in

Composition of the ETS Board and Selection Members

The ETS Board shall consist of three officers (President, Vice President
and Secretary) and six additional board members, for a total of nine.

Organizers of the annual ECT automatically join the ETS Board beginning
two years prior to organizing the ECT.  V. Semenyuk, C. Godart and H.
Bottner will be on the Board by virtue of their organizing efforts for
ECT2007, ECT2008 and ECT2009, respectively.  The remaining 6 positions
will be filled by general election.  The first general election will be
held at ECT2008 in Paris, France.

The newly constituted ETS Board will take effect on January 1, 2009.

Three Year ICT Cycle and Simulataneous ICT/ECT

The ECT is to be held annually in Europe.  In those years when the
International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT) is also held in
Europe, the two conferences will be held simultaneously.

ECT Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings of the ECT will be in the form of a handout to
facilitate the most rapid communications possible.  Excepting in those
years when the ICT & ECT coincide, when the proceedings will be subject
to ITS review policies.

ECT2008 will be organized by Prof. Claude Godart in Paris, France July
2-4, 2008.

ICT2009/ECT2009 will be organized by Dr. Harald Bottner in Freiburg,
Germany July 26-30, 2009.