Maria Telkes: Thermoelectric Pioneer

At the ECT2007 I had conversation about the discovery of Bismuth Telluride as a thermoelectric material and Mr. K. Fukada of Komatsu pointed out that Maria Telkes mentions Bi2Te3 years before Goldsmid reported high ZT values in her brilliant 1947 paper:

 Telkes, M. (1947). "The Efficiency of Thermoelectric Generators. I." Journal of Applied Physics 18(12): 1116-1127.

The paper is still a good read today. 

 Her title suggests she intended to write "The Efficiency of Thermoelectric Generators. II." but I’ve never seen it.  The Journal of Applied Physics lists only two further papers by Telkes:

Telkes, M. (1954). "Solar Thermoelectric Generators." Journal of Applied Physics 25(6): 765-777.


Telkes, M. (1954). "Power Output of Thermoelectric Generators." Journal of Applied Physics 25(8): 1058-1059.

so if anyone has seen a "Generators. II" paper, please let me know.

Here "Solar" paper should also be of some interest today since the US DoE is currently funding some solar thermoelectric R&D.  Telkes suggested:

"Further development is needed to determine their economical value,"

which surely is still true, but climate change may alter the assesment considerably today.