+- Sen. Levin Visits, Praises MSU

"MSU is at the cutting edge of the potential of thermoelectricity" says US Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan while visiting the  MSU Energy and Automotive Research Laboratories in East Lansing, Michigan USA. The State News story on Levin’s visit to MSU includes an aerogel demonstation by Jeff Sakamoto.  The full quote from Levin:

“I thought it was great,” Levin said of the tour. “MSU is at the cutting edge of the potential of thermoelectricity. They try to convert this heat into electricity, and they’ve been here a long time at the forefront, but this is more and more an important part of the whole energy picture.”

A remarkable thing when a US Senator utters the word "thermoelectricity".  When energy and climate change starts affecting elections I’ll really take notice.