+- ICT2007 Proceedings Available for Orders

I have had word from Prof. H. W. Lee, chairmain of ICT2007 held last summer on Jeju Island, Korea, that the Proceedings of ICT2007 would be published ‘next week’.  That was 5-6 weeks ago.  I can not at present confirm if it has actually been printed or mailed.

For those who (like me) missed ICT2007, we now have a webpage where you may order a copy for US$120.  Payment must be made by wire transfer, and be sure in include any fees your bank may take out of the amount so that the ICT2007 organizers don’t come up  short.

Here is the website to order ICT2007:  http://ict2007.its.org/

Unfortunately, the original conference website has been taken down before I had a chance to ‘clone’ a copy.