+- Kansas Blocks New Coal Plants

A Kansas state regulator denied permits to build two new coal-fired thermoelectric power plants (‘thermoelectric’ because they convert heat to electricity, but this type of plant does not involve Seebeck or Peltier devices) based on their carbon emmisions.   The Kansas legislature passed a bill allowing the plants to go forward, then late last week the Kansas Governor vetoed the bill and halting the project.  For now, at least.  Here’s a link with the full story:


It is not clear if the legislature can override the veto, but they are expected to try.

Banning new fossil fuel power plants is an important step.  But let’s put this in a little perspective.  By some estimates we need to eliminate 80%, or even more, of the world’s fossil fuel plants just to have a chance of keeping climate change from getting out of hand.   If we replace a 1 gigawatt fossil-fuel power plant every day it will take nearly three decades to get there.  In the mean time, China alone is adding a new coal plant every 3-4 days.