+- Reminder: Nominations for ITS Board Now Open

This is a reminder that nominations for members of the Board of the International Thermoelectric Society are open through June 30, 2008.  Please login to the ITS website and use this link to submit a nomination:


ITS Board Members,as of 2008-06-27.  Terms Expiring this year indicated in RED

#sort iconTitleUsernameContactTerm BeginsTerm Expires
1ITS PresidentcuherDr. Ctirad Uher2006-01-012008-12-31
2ITS Vice Presidentthierry.caillatDr. Thierry Caillat2007-06-072008-12-31
3ITS Secretaryrowedm1Dr. David Michael Rowe2006-08-112009-12-31
4ITS Treasurerharald.boettnerDr. Harald Boettner2007-06-072010-12-31
5ICT OrganizerhwleeDr. Hee Woong Lee2005-06-242008-08-07
6ICT OrganizerttrittProfessor Terry Tritt2005-06-192008-08-07
7ICT Organizerdavej@uoregon.eduDr. David Johnson2006-12-202009-12-31
8ICT Organizerharald.boettnerDr. Harald Boettner2007-06-072010-12-31
9ITS Board Memberjzmc7gDr. Jihui Yang2005-06-242008-08-07
10ITS Board Memberthierry.caillatDr. Thierry Caillat2006-08-112009-12-31
11ITS Board MemberkoumotoDr. Kunihito Koumoto2006-08-112009-12-31
12ITS Board MemberRyoji FunahashiDr. Ryoji Funahashi2007-06-072010-12-31
13ITS Board Memberpeter.franz.roglDr. Peter Rogl2007-06-082010-12-31
14ITS Board Memberjsnyder@caltech.eduDr. G. Jeffrey Snyder2007-06-072010-12-31


Think of this as an opportunity to influence the future direction of the Society by putting people on the Board that represent areas of interest to you.