ITS Webmaster To Step Down: Replacement Sought

From:  Cronin B. Vining, ITS Webmaster

Effective December 31, 2009 I will be stepping down as Webmaster for the International Thermoelectric Society.  The Society is currently looking at options to replace me.

If you are interested, please contact the President of the International Thermoelectric Society, Dr. Thierry Caillat using this online link:  Of course, I will also be happy to answer any questions I can and I intend to be available for support during a reasonable transition period.

As ITS Webmaster I currently provides various services to the ITS and in exchange the ITS is a Sponsor of my website, Thermoelectric News website,, as well as my a-periodic email newsletter ZTnews, archived both on the ITS website and on

Services provided by the Webmaster to the ITS include:

  • Internet hosting of the website
  • Maintaining content of the website
  • Maintaining registration of the domain name ""
  • Maintaining a small, private discussion mailing list for the ITS Board
  • Maintaining a database of ITS members
  • Distribution of ITS announcements via ZTnews

Since 1996 Dr. Vining has provided these services to the ITS. 

Some Technical Details:

The ITS website is powered entirely by open source software.  The Content Managment Software behind, Drupal, combined with a "Customer Relationship Management" module, CiviCRM, has proven powerful and flexible platform to run the website.  Mailman is used to power the mailing lists.  A website hosting company specializing in Drupal,, has provided reliable linux-based hosting services for some time.  While Drupal does have a certain learning curve, someone comfortable with internet hosting should have no trouble and there is extensive help available through the Drupal community.  Most of the time, the website just runs.

I have used this same Drupal-based platform to power a number of thermoelectric-related websites including:

  • ECT2007,
  • ICT2009,

I expect the new Webmaster will do things differently than I did, but I expect to transfer the entire website and hosting account to the new Webmaster and to be available for questions well past the transfer.

The future of my own thermoelectric website,, and my mailing list, ZTnews, are yet to be determined.  But I’m open to suggestions.

Cronin B. Viining,
Contact me using this online form: