Call For Proposals To Host ICT2011, the 30th annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics

The following is an announcement from the President of the International Thermoelectric Society.

 Dear Prospective Conference Organizer,

The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) is looking for organizations interested in hosting its 30th annual International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT) in the year 2011.

The ICT has been the most important annual meeting for scientists, engineers and industry in the field of thermoelectric research and development for application to power generation, thermal management and sensing equipment. Thanks to a renewal in the field of thermoelectrics, and a string of well-organized conferences, interest in this conference has been steady in the last few years with attendance between 200 and 300 “thermoelectricians".

ITS typically holds a three year rotation for conference sites between Europe, Asia and the Americas, where most of the activities in thermoelectrics are located. In 2011, the ICT is scheduled to return to the Americas, where it was last held in 2008 in Corvallis, Oregon. Thus, ITS’s preference is for candidate organizations, especially universities and national laboratories, located in the Americas to host ICT2011. However, that does not preclude ITS from entertaining strong proposals from other parts of the world and other types of organizations.

Interested parties should first send, preferably by e-mail, a brief notice of intent to propose to the ITS President. Upon receipt of the notice, the ITS president will provide details relative to anticipated conference organizers responsibilities, guidelines and other ITS expectations. Full proposals should be sent, as early as possible but no later than June 1st 2009, preferably by e-mail to the ITS President, to the ITS treasurer, and to the ITS Secretary.

Proposals should include relevant details including host organization, location, preliminary dates, Conference Chairperson, projected sponsors and prospects for financial support, and accessibility; briefly state the expected advantages to the ITS for awarding the conference organization to you; describe accommodation facilities, travel connections, plans for accompanying persons, the possibility of holding short courses, evening events; last but not least, the expected registration costs for regular participants, students and accompanying persons.

The ITS Board plans on reviewing the proposals at the annual ITS Board Meeting immediately prior to ICT2009 and award organization of the conference at the 2009 ICT in Freiburg, Germany. You may be invited to give a brief presentation on your proposal to the ITS Board at the conference in Freiburg.

On behalf of the International Thermoelectric Society, I am looking forward to your proposals.

Best regards,
Thierry Caillat
President, International Thermoelectric Society
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
MS 277-207
4800 Oak Grove Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91109
Phone: (818) 354-0407

Please direct your responses to:

Dr. Thierry Caillat, ITS President <>
Dr. Harald Böttner, ITS Treasurer <>
Prof.  Michael Rowe, ITS Secretary <