Bill Whitmore, Engineer on SNAP-27, MHW-RTG and GPHS-RTG Programs, Died February 28, 2009

On Monday, 6 April, I received the attached note from one of Bill Whitmore’s daughters, informing me that Bill had died on 28 February.

Bill and I had stayed in touch over the years.  I knew he was having some heart problems but I did not know about the lung cancer.

He was a very good systems engineer who knew more about the SNAP-27, MHW-RTG and GPHS-RTG programs than almost anyone.  He will be missed.

    Gary Bennett,
    Emmett, Idaho, USA


Dear Family and Friends:

Bill Whitmore lost his battle with congestive heart failure and lung cancer on Saturday, February 28th at Bryn Mawr Hospital in Pennsylvania.

He will be remembered for his integrity, exceptaional intellect and unique sense of humor, along with his significant contributions to the NASA space program during his career at General Electric.

He will be deeply missed by his three children:  Linda, David and Carol, his four grandchildren:  Tommy, Mikey, Mia and Ethan, his sister Barbara, and his two nieces Bobbie and Leslie.

In lieu of flowers we respectfully request that donations be made to:

The University of Texas
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
The Children’s Art Project
P.O. Box 4486
Houston, TX  77210-4486


Linda, David and Carol