Ray Drabble, Scientist, Author, Died May 10, 2009

I learnt today of the death on May 10th of Ray Drabble after a short illness.  Ray is best remembered in the thermoelectrics community for his work as the inspirational leader of the team that determined the band structure of bismuth telluride from galvanomagnetic measurements during the nineteen-fifties.  Later he turned his attention to phonon conductivity and as Reader in the Physics Department at the University of Exeter did some exceptional work on the third-order elastic constants.  He was a source of encouragement to his colleagues in the Solid Physics Group at the Hirst Research Centre of The General Electric Co. Ltd. and I owe much of my knowledge of transport theory to him.  He will be missed not only as a former co-worker on thermoelectric materials but as a lifelong friend to my wife, Joan, and myself.

Julian Goldsmid.