ITS Webmaster – New Role

From:  Cronin B. Vining, ITS Webmaster


Particularly attentive readers may recall my announcement in February that I would be stepping down as ITS Webmaster at the end of 2009. Predictions, they say, are always difficult, particularly of the future.


It seems I will not be entirely stepping down after all, but my role will change.  The ITS Board and I have agreed that effective January 1, 2010 I will continue to maintain the functionality of the ITS website, keep the ITSnews mailing list going and sundry other  tasks contributing to the effective flow of news and information to the thermoelectric community.  But going forward, the Society will take on primary responsibility for writing announcements and content generally.


You, the ITS website users and ITSnews readers, can continue to post news for discussion in the ZTforum, as well as job openings and positions sought in the ZTjobs section.   Another change is that thermoelectric-related advertisements will for the first time appear on the ITS website beginning January 1, 2010.


I expect you will hardly notice these changes.  Which is part of the goal.