Sponsor ITS

I’m pleased to announce that I can place your company logo & link on the International Thermoelectric Society website, http://www.its.org, as well as include your company name and link in the header of ITSnews@its.org, the ITS email Newsletter.

Sponsoring ITS.org and ITSnews@its.org presently includes:

  • Listing in the “Sponsors” box on http://www.its.org homepage
  • Listing in the header of each ITSnews <itsnews@its.org> mailing (about 12/year, currently over 5100 subscribers, archives available at http://www.its.org/itsnews)
  • Rotating Banner ad (up to 468×60 pixels) in header of each its.org webpage
  • Expanded entry in ZTlinks (1/2 ‘page’ ad)

Annual sponsorship is payable to “Cronin B. Vining” by check, Paypal or direct wire.  Let me know if wish to use Paypal or Direct Wire and I’ll provide details.

I can update the graphics or ZTlinks ad for you at any time, based either on content you provide or I can abstract something for your approval based on your homepage including a couple graphics, contact info and some of your text.

And I’m always happy to try to accommodate other requests or answer questions.  For pricing or other questions, please use this form:


Thanks for your interest.

— Cronin B. Vining, ITS Webmaster