In Memory of E.K. Iordanishvili

Professor Evgeniy Konstantinovich Iordanishvili died January, 20, 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia in the age 81. For thermoelectric community he is known first of all as a close collaborator of Professor A.F. Ioffe on the early stage of development of thermoelectric refrigerators in Institute of Semiconductors in St. Petersburg. He was a coauthor of the pioneer generalizing publication on this subject: A.F. Ioffe “Semiconductor thermoelements and thermoelectric cooling. Part 2: A.F. Ioffe, L.S. Stil’bans, E.K. Iordanishvili and T.S. Stavitskaya Thermoelectric cooling”, 1957, Infosearch, London. E.K. Iordanishvili graduated from Department of Physics of Leningrad State University. After scientific carrier in Institute of Semiconductors he was a top-manager in thermoelectric industry. About 20 last years he was a Professor of physics at St. Petersburg Technical University (Polytechnical Institute). E.K. Iordanishvili – the author of several scientific, technical and popular books in thermoelectricity field.

            A hobby of the whole E.K. Iordanishvili life was extremal sporting tourism. He was widely known in Russia as an organizer and leader of many difficult and dangerous sporting expeditions.


E.K. Iordanishvili