Dr. Xun Shi selected as the ITS 2010 Young Investigator Award recipient!

Dr. Xun Shi from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China has been selected as the recipient of the 2010 Young Investigator International Thermoelectric Society Award. The award will be given to Dr. Xun Shi during the award ceremony at the ICT2010 banquet in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Xun Shi received his PhD in materials Science in 2005 from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China. Dr. Xun Shi’s outstanding contributions have been documented in a number of journal publications, including a contribution in Physical Review Letters on the theoretical study of the filling fraction limits for various filler species in skutterudite materials. His curriculum vitae can be found in the attachment.


Two candidates competed for the award this year. In addition to Dr. Xun Shi, Dr. Yaniv Gelbstein, from Ben-Gurion University, Israel applied for the award. Both applicants were very strong and the selection was difficult but the Selection Committee eventually declared Dr. Xun Shi as the winner for this year.


On behalf of the International Thermoelectric Society, I would like to thank both applicants and commend them for their outstanding accomplishments in the field of thermoelectrics. I would also like to, again, congratulate Dr. Xun Shi for this fine accomplishment.


Thierry Caillat

President, International Thermoelectric Society