Outstanding Achievement in Thermoelectrics Award


To recognize the outstanding achievements of a senior scientist for their contributions to the field of thermoelectricty.

The Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award includes a $2,000 cash prize, honorary membership in ITS, and a unique trophy – a medal engraved out of SiGe. The award is presented annually at the ICT Meeting where the recipient is invited to give an honorary lecture, possibly at the ICT banquet.


The Outstanding Achievement Award is managed by the Outstanding Achievement Award Subcommittee of the ITS Awards Committee. This subcommittee is responsible for soliciting and evaluating nominations annually and for recommending a nominee to ITS Board for final approval or recommending that no award be made.

Rules and Eligibility

Nominees for the Outstanding Achievement Award must have outstanding credentials, their scientific work must have had a significant impact on thermoelectric research. The scientific discipline of the nominee is of no concern except that the work must have been in areas commonly associated with thermoelectric research. The nominee does not need to be a member of the International Thermoelectric Society and nominees of any nationality are eligible. It is not necessary for the nominee to have previously won other major awards. The Award will not be bestowed in absentia except in extraordinary circumstances. Current members of the ITS Board, and former recipients of the Outstanding Achievement Award are not eligible. If there is any difficulty in the winner attending the conference the organizing committee will endeavor to aid the winner in a feasible and reasonable manner.