About ITS

The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) is a non-profit, incorporated, professional Society organized:

  • TO PROMOTE an understanding of the role thermoelectric technology may play in environmental impact and mitigating global climate change;
  • TO PROMOTE the advancement of the thermoelectric industry, science and engineering;
  • TO PROMOTE collection and exchange of information and education which will benefit the thermoelectric community;
  • TO PROMOTE systemization of measurements to and in comparison of materials and devices;
  • TO PROMOTE awareness of the larger community to thermoelectric issues
    and solicit wider involvement;
  • TO PROMOTE various forums of exchange of information and achievements;
  • TO PROMOTE a mechanism for coordinating and promoting conferences;
    and, other charitable activities associated with these goals.

To further these goals the Society annually organizes the International Conference on Thermoelectrics and publishes ITSnews, an a-periodic Newsletter available by free subscirption.