Dr. Julian Goldsmid to be honored with the 2012 ITS Outstanding Achievement Award


The International Thermoelectric Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Julian Goldsmid has been selected as the recipient of the second ITS Outstanding Achievement award co-sponsored by Komatsu and supported by the Max Plank Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids. Julian Goldsmid is well known for his pioneering work on Bi2Te3, which continues to be the best thermoelectric cooling material used by industry. He has inspired generations of thermoelectricians and has made seminal contributions related to phonon and electron transport in semiconductors and other materials. His was also instrumental in developing new measurement techniques and instrumentation for the characterization of new thermoelectric materials. Dr. Goldsmid continues to actively work on thermoelectrics and will present a plenary lecture at ICT 2012 in Aalborg, Denmark.