New ITS Logo

International Thermoelectric Society

Back in July 2012, the Society announced a contest to replace the ITS Logo in use since 1990 with a new one. It is my honor today to announce a new design, displayed above, submitted by Andrew Wee has been selected by the ITS Board to replace the current logo as the primary identifying graphic for the ITS website and other Society uses. Congratulations to Mr. Wee!

Mr. Wee’s logo will debut on the ITS website immeadiately and also at the upcoming ITS annual conference – the 2013 International Conference on Thermoelectrics, June 30-July 4, 2013 in Kobe Japan.

The ITS logo contest comes with a cash prize of US$500. Congratulations again to Mr. Andrew Wee.

Website users may also take note of a facelift to the ITS website,, which we are rolling out along with the new logo. Smartphone and tablet users should find the new website design more mobile friendly than the previous version.