New topical issue 'Advances in Thermoelectric Materials' in pss (a)

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Thumbnail image of graphical abstractWith this message we would like to notify you about a new recent publication in our journal physica status solidi (a) on the topic of ‚Advances in Thermoelectric Materials’. This topical issue was guest-edited by Christian Heiliger und Bruno K. Meyer, Giessen University, and is also supported by our Advisory Board member Jeff Synder of Caltech.

It contains 3 Feature Articles (topical reviews) by Sylvie Hébert (ENSICAEN, France), Ken Kurosaki (Osaka University, Japan), Pawel Ziolkowski (DLR Cologne, Germany) and corresponding co-authors on CdI2 type structures, group 13 chalcogenides and local thermopower measurements, as well as 8 further Original Paper contributions.

The publication can be found free-to-read for the entire year 2013 at Wiley Online Library: Please go to and scroll down to pages 67-167. Some more information about the topic and content is available in the preface by the guest editors at

On this occasion, please be further informed that pss (a) will also publish contributions from the forthcoming E-MRS 2013 Spring Meeting Symposium C: Advanced thermoelectrics: from materials to devices (

We would appreciate if you could post this information, perhaps in one of your forthcoming newsletter and/or on the ITS webpage for interested researchers and readers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information.

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