ETS Board Elections 2014

Three European Thermoelectric Society (ETS) Board Director positions will be opened for election at the 12th European Conference on Thermoelectrics, to be held in Madrid, Spain, September 24th to 26th.

The President invites you to nominate your candidate(s) by email to containing:

  1. Name

  2. Address

  3. Affiliation

  4. Relationship to thermoelectric

  5. And an agreement of the candidate to apply for a board position

The President encourages the European thermoelectriciens to make every effort to attract candidates from a variety of European Countries, technical fields, and institutions, to best serve the Mission of the International Thermoelectric Society.

Board Directors are elected for a three-years term and are expected to play an active role in the European Thermoelectric Society.

The current board members are: A. Maignan, France (President), A. Weidenkaff, Germany (Vice President, Treasurer), J. König, Germany (Secretary), M. Martin-Gonzalez M., Spain (Chair ETC2014), Codecasa, Italy, E. Müller, Germany, L. Rosendahl, Denmark, J. Tobola, Poland; A. Amaldi, Italy (Chair ETC2013), B. Lenoir, France; Sascha Populoh, Switzerland; Gao Min, United Kingdom; Alexander Burkov, Russia; Juri Grin, Germany (Chair ETC2015);

The three underlined members will leave the board.

The major goals (objectives) of the Society, as stated in the ETS are:

    1. To promote cooperation and the exchange of information and ideas between individuals and groups with interest in thermoelectricity;

    2. To organize conferences and training courses on the subject of thermoelectricity for members and other interested persons;

    3. To encourage collaboration in thermoelectricity in applied and fundamental research and in teaching;

    4. To bring in contact and to support and facilitate communication between industry and academics regarding business application of thermoelectric facilities;

    5. To represent Europe in international thermoelectricity organizations.

    6. To fund research projects in the field of thermoelectricity.

    7. To award a prize for outstanding merits or achievements in the field of thermoelectricity.


Please don’t hesitate to submit your nominations. Nominations will be accepted until September 15th, 2014. Short biographies and information of the Nominees will be posted on the ECT 2014 web site shortly after.

The election of the new ETS Board Directors will be organized at the Conference in Madrid, Spain and further details will be announced at the beginning of the conference by the ETS President.

On behalf of the Executive ETS Board