ICT 2015 Poster Awards Announced

The following ten posters were awarded $500.00 ITS Poster Awards at the conference in Dresden:

Joya Cooley, et al.(PA047) Investigating the Effect of Cationic Rare‐Earth Substitution on New Zintl Phase Solid Solution Eu11‐xYbxCd6Sb12

Guodong Li, et al. (PB041) Thermal and Electrical Properties of Rolled‐up and Compressed Semiconductor/Metal Hybrid Superlattices

Baoli Du, et al. (PA086) Impact of Lone‐Pair Electrons on Thermal Conductivity in CuSbS2 Compound

Thanh Hung Le, et al. (PA188) A study of thermoelectric β‐Zn4Sb3 under thermal cycling and large temperature gradients

Aitor Lopeandia, et al. (PA176) Thermoelectrical characterization of a Si thin film based micro‐TEG

Doris Cadavid, et al. (PB047) Bottom‐Up Silver chalcogenides nanocomposites with enhanced thermoelectric performance for room temperature

Sevan Chanakian, et al. (PA050) High Temperature Thermoelectric Characterization of Zn‐doped Sr5In2Sb6 and Eu5In2Sb6

Shuma Naito, et al. (PC030) Fabrication and Power Generation of a Silicide‐based Thermoelectric Module

Felix Timmermann, et al. (PA150) Structural and thermoelectric properties of FeSb3 skutterudite thin flims

Fujimoto Yuta, et al. (PA014) Improvement of Thermoelectric Properties of a‐InGaZnO Thin Film by Optimizing Carrier Concentration

Congratulations to all ICT 2015 Poster Award winners!