Lev Bulat 1947-2016 and Grigoriy Arakelov 1945-2016 Have Passed

We have learned of the passing of two colleques and long time contributors to the thermoelectric community Prof. Lev Bulat of St. Petersburg, Russia on June 12, 2016 and Dr. Grigoriy Arakelov of Moscow, Russia on June 7, 2016.

Lev Bulat 1947-2016Prof. Lev Petrovich Bulat (see here and here) was a longtime and regular ITS participant from Russia and the former Soviet Union. He was known as a good mentor to his students and staff, a leader for thermoelectrics in Russia and his University and a kind friend.

His prime area of research interests included – thermoelectric method of direct energy conversion, including thermoelectric cooling; materials science and physics of semiconductors; transport phenomena in solids, including kinetic phenomena in composite materials; measurement of heat fluxes.

He was the author of about 200 scientific papers and inventions. He made more than 140 presentations at international and national scientific conferences, including in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, the USA, Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, Australia. He was a member of the organizing committees of several international conferences.

He developed novel approaches to theoretical research of kinetic phenomena in condensed media under conditions of thermal effects identified dozens of new effects. He developed a method for measuring heat flux density using highly-sensitive thermoelectric converters and applied this method for the development of heat metering devices of medical and biological application, converters for geophysical research, for heat loss control, for non-contact measurement of liquid level, gas pressure in hermetically sealed shells, etc.

He was well known to those skilled in the field of thermoelectric energy conversion and enjoyed international authority. He was the organizer of Alternative Cooling Methods Section at the International Academy of Refrigeration; was elected a member of this Academy and a MAX Presidium member; a member of the International Thermoelectric Academy and ITA Presidium member. He was a member of the International Thermoelectric Society; was elected a Bureau member of the Russian Thermoelectric Society. Was a member of the Section for Thermoelectric Conversion of Scientific Board of the Russian Academy of Sciences on a comprehensive problem “Methods of Conversion of Types of Energy”. Academician of the New York Academy of Sciences, a member of Materials Science Society (USA), a member of EvroScience Society (France); honorary member of the Trusteeship Council of International Biographical Centre (UK).

The entire Board of the ITS was greatly saddened and surprised to hear of his passing as most of them had seen Prof. Bulat at the International Conference on Thermoelectrics concluded in Wuhan, China less than two weeks prior where he appeared well and in good spirits. He will be missed.

I’m sure I speak for the ITS Board and the entire thermoelectric community in expressing our most sincere condolences to his family and all those dear to him. Personally, I have know Lev since about 1991 and I found him a creative and original thinker, a consumate professional, a kind man, and a good friend.

Grigoriy Arakelov 1945-2016

Dr. Grigoriy Aramovich Arakelov was well known in Russia and the Former Soviet Union as an expert in non-standard applications of thermoelectric cooling. He was a Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Refrigeration in St. Petersburg, Russia and a Corresponding Member of the International Thermoelectric Academy in Chernivski and Kyiv, Ukraine.

He conducted researches of galvanothermomagnetic and magnetothermoelectric coolers, including of cryogenic temperature levels; provided scientific – advisory services; reviewed articles and books; was an official opponent for theses. For many years, he was one of the heads of Narrow-gap Semiconductors and Photodetectors Section at Scientific Council of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR on the problem of Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductors. Grigoriy Aramovich Arakelov was the author of over 100 scientific publications and more than 20 patents and copyright certificates in Thermoelectric Instrument Engineering.

On behalf of the entire international thermoelectric community, our sincere condolences go to his family and friends.

Biographical summaries of each man, from which we have been aided in preparing threse remarks, are attached, as thankfully provided to us by Prof. L. Anatychuk of the International Thermoelectric Academy in Chernivski and Kyiv, Ukraine.