ITS Summer Fellowship 2017

Summer Fellowship Award of the International Thermoelectric Society

(ITS Summer Fellowship)


To assist a graduate student in the pursuit of research during the summer (May – August) in a field of interest to the ITS.

 The Award

The award shall be known as the ITS Fellowship and will consist of a check for $5,000 for the summer months of study at an institution different from the awardee’s home institution.


The award shall be made to a graduate student pursuing work toward a MS or PhD degree in a college or university, and who will continue his or her studies after the summer period.  The award is meant to support a student for the summer at an institution different from the awardee’s home institution. In the event of the lack of applications that the ITS Board or Award Selection Committee views as meeting the expectations for this award, then no award will be given that year.


  • Nomination letter (not to exceed two pages) from the student’s research advisor;
  • A letter of support (not to exceed two pages) from the host institution;
  • Candidate’s resume (not to exceed two pages);
  • Brief (< 300 word) description of the research to be undertaken;
  • Acknowledgment shall be made of an ITS Summer Fellowship Award in any formal publication based on research to which this award period contributed.
  • The awardee is responsible for securing any necessary paperwork (for example, passport or student visa if required) to the host country if the proposal requires international travel.
  • The awardee must submit a completion form By September 30, 2017 as a follow up requirement, which will include a short summary of the work performed and confirmation by both institutions that the fellowship plan has been carried out.

 Selection of Candidates

An ITS Summer Fellowship Award Committee will be appointed by the ITS Board who will consider the aforementioned eligibility requirements and choose the winner from among the applicants.


Application materials should be sent via email to the current ITS President:

 Donald Morelli, President, International Thermoelectric Society



The deadline for submission of materials is March 15, 2017, with the award selection to be made by April 15, 2017.