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Conference Proceedings and Short Course Ordering Information

The International Conference on Thermoelectrics has been held in many locations since 1976. Most recent proceedings are available from IEEE (or see below for contact info). Older proceedings were often published by the conference organizers themselves and proceedings, if available, might be obtained by directly contacting the individual organizations listed below.

Prices, availability and contact information listed here are the most recent available, but are subject to change.

Conference/ Short Course Year Location Contact Price*
I 1976 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
II 1978 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
III 1980 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
IV 1982 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
V 1984 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
VI 1986 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
First European 1987 Cardiff, Wales Rowe Out of Print  
VII 1988 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
VIII 1989 Nancy, France Scherrer $160
IX 1990 Pasadena, California USA Out of Print
X 1991 Cardiff, Wales $110
XI 1992 Arlington, Texas USA Rao $100
XII 1993 Yokohama, Japan ITTJ $100
Short Course 1993 Yokohama, Japan ITTJ $75
XIII 1994 Kansas City, Missouri USA AIP $140
XIV 1995 St. Petersburg, Russia Vedernikov $100
XV 1996 Pasadena, California USA IEEE
XVI 1997 Dresden, Germany IEEE
XVII 1998 Nagoya, Japan IEEE
XVIII 1999 Baltimore, Maryland USA IEEE
XIX 2000 Cardiff, Wales $170
XX 2001 Beijing, P.R. China IEEE
XXI 2002 Long Beach, California USA IEEE
XXII 2003 La Grande-Motte (Hérault – France) IEEE  
XXIII 2004 Adelaide, Australia IEEE  
XXIV 2005 Clemson, SC USA IEEE  
XXV 2006 Vienna, Austria IEEE  

*Last known price.  Does not include shipping.  Contact supplier for details.

IEEE handles 9 issues: Vienna in 2006, Clemson in 2005, La Grande Motte in 2003; Long Beach in 2002;     Beijing in 2001; Baltimore in 1999; Nagoya in 1998; Dresden in 1997;       Pasadena in 1996.   To purchase: or      Phone +1-800-678-IEEE (toll-free, USA and Canada only)      Phone  +1-732-981-0060 (world wide).   Available on-line at a subscribing Unversity/company (PDFs of all papers):      IEEE XPLORE system:      (ask your university/company librarian for the access password)         More information:      E-mail:

   –Information Last Updated 20070303

Dr. Simon Williams FAX (44) 222 874420 SPESGW@CARDIFF.AC.UK    –Information Last Updated 20020411
Dr. Marat Vedernikov    –Information Last Updated 20020411
American Institute of Physics Press CP316 Mathiprakasam/Heenan Thirteenth International Conference on Thermoelectrics 1995, 1-56396-444-9, 359 pp, 8-1/2×11, hardcover, $140.00

Email: Phone: 516-576-2475 Fax: 516-576-2474    –Information Last Updated 20020411

Institute for Thermoelectric Technologies Japan Kin-ichi Uemura 10-35, Mihanayama, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0066, Japan Tel: (+81)45.943.5908 Fax: (+81)45.943.8491 E-mail:    –Information Last Updated 20020411
Dr. K. R. Rao Professor of Electrical Engineering University of Texas at Arlington 416 Yates Street Box 19016 Arlington, TX 76019-0016, USA Office Tel. No. : (817) 272-2097 Fax. No. : (817) 272-2253 E-Mail Address:    –Information Last Updated 20020411
Dr. Hubert Scherrer Ecole des Mines Parc de Saurupt 54000 Nancy FRANCE (33) FAX (33)

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