Past ICTs: ICT97 – ICT2012

Websites and Proceedings information for past International Conferences on Thermoelectrics are summarized below, if available.

The websites are static (i.e. not interactive) archives of past ICT websites. Some pages and links are broken.

Since ICT2008, conference proceedings have been published as special issues of the Journal of Electronic Materials (JEM). Indivdual papers may be obtained online via the link(s) in the table.

ICT Proceedings which appeared in JEM
ICT Website JEM Issue # Articles
ICT2011 Vol 41(6) 142
ICT2010 Vol 40(5) 154
ICT2009 Vol. 39(9) 146
ICT2008 Vol. 38(7) 110

Prior to ICT2008 conference proceedings publication was arranged by the individual conference organizers. Copies of proceedings, if still available at all, should be obtained by contacting the respective conference organizer directly.

ICT2007 Website
ICT2006 Website   (Note: the ICT2006 website was taken offline before we had time to archive it).
ICT2005 Website
ICT2004 Website
ICT2003 Website
ICT2002 Website
ICT2001 Website
ICT2000 Website
ICT99 Website
ICT98 Website
ICT97 Website

 Past European Conference on Thermoelectrics (ECT) Websites:

ECT2010 Website
ECT2009 Website (held concurrently with ICT2009)
ECT2008 Website
ECT2007 Website
ETS2002 Website
ETS99 Website

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