Call for Candidates to the 2019 Annual Young Investigator Award

The International Thermoelectric Society (ITS) announces the 2019 ITS Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Research in Thermoelectrics by a young investigator who holds a researcher/engineer position in either: academia, industry, government lab or scientific institute (e.g. The Max Planck Institute).  This award is to be given to a young researcher who has exhibited a record of excellent original work and significant results in the field of thermoelectrics or thermoelectric materials.  The recipient should have shown significant research in the early stages of his/her career. The work will not be judged as part of their Ph.D. thesis but work that occurred after their Ph.D.  contributions and findings will be required. The selection committee will be considering only original work and contributions.

The award is sponsored by The International Thermoelectrics Society (ITS) and carries a cash prize of two thousand dollars ($2000 in US currency) and a Descriptive Certificate. The 2019 award will be presented at the banquet of the 38th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT 2019, in Gyeongju, Korea. The 2019 Award will also include a US$1000 contribution to the awardee to cover travel and fees for attending ICT 2019 in Gyeongju, Korea.

In addition, the recipient of the ITS Young Investigator Award will present an invited talk at the ICT 2019 in order to highlight the research leading to the award.

The candidates are expected to hold a Ph.D. Degree and be actively engaged in theoretical, experimental, synthesis or device research in the field of thermoelectrics. The candidates must be in a researcher position or employed in a stable position in industry, a government lab or scientific institute.  The candidates must be within 10 years of receiving their Ph.D. as of June 30 of the year of the nomination.

The ITS Young Investigator Award is intended to be an annual award. However, in the event of the lack of applications that the ITS Board or Award Selection Committee views as meeting the expectations for this award, then no award will be given that year.

Criteria for selection:
An Award Selection Panel who will consider the aforementioned eligibility criteria will choose the winner from among the applicants. Journal articles with publication dates, acceptance dates or submission dates within the 120 months preceding the June 30 cutoff date will be considered. Therefore, for the 2019 award the period of consideration is July 1st, 2009 through June 30, 2019. Presentations at local, national and international meetings as well as invited seminars and colloquia in the same time period will be considered. Other awards or recognition will also be considered.

Selection Panel:
The 2019 Outstanding Achievement in Thermoelectrics Award Committee appointed by the ITS Board of Directors will form a Selection Panel. The Selection Panel will review the Award nominations. On the basis of the opinion of the Selection Panel, the Award Committee will make a recommendation, which is subject to approval by the ITS Board of Directors.

If there is any difficulty in the winner attending the conference the organizing committee will endeavor to aid the winner in a feasible and reasonable manner.

The application should be sent to the current ITS Treasurer

Dr. Sabah Bux, Treasurer, International Thermoelectric Society
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology

The following materials are required, sent as an email attachment to the above email address:

  • A nomination letter is required from a current ITS member.

  • A full resume of the candidate and highlighting the contributions justifying the nomination is also required.

  • No more than three letters of reference in addition to the nomination letter. The letters should not exceed two pages.

  • Copies of 1st page of publications, acceptances, or submissions in the last 120 months. (Manuscripts to be submitted or in progress will not be considered.)

  • Titles and locations of contributed or invited presentations given in the 10-year period under consideration.

The ITS Treasurer must receive applications by: April 18th 2019

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