Postdoctoral Scholar Award

The ITS Postdoctroal Scholar in Thermoelectrics Award was initiated in 2018. The award carries a cash prize, honorary membership in the ITS, and a Descriptive Certificate presented at the annual ICT. The award shall normally be bestowed upon a single recipient

Applications are solicited each year and an award is made if the demanding requirements are met.

Year Awardee Advisor Institution Sponsors
2022 Hong Yao Xie
2021 Zihang Liu
2020 Jiawei Zhang Aarhus University, Denmark ITS
2020 Jun Mao University of Houston, USA ITS
2019 Jing Shuai NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan ITS
2018 Guodong Li Snyder Northwestern University ITS
2018 Gangjian Tan Kanatzidis Northwestern University ITS

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