PhD Position Opportunities at CUHK

For the following PhD position opportunities at CUHK The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a deadline for the application process is set on 1st of December 2024. Employment begins in the period February – September 2025.

2 Fully-Funded PhD positions are available in his research groups. Additional positions might be funded by other fellowships/scholarship.

Please approach Ady Suwardi directly at and/or check his research page

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Find information about each available opportunity on their respective page.

Deadline for Application: 01 December 2024
Starting date: February-September 2025.


The PhD position opportunities at CUHK (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) broadly involve studying the thermoelectric properties of inorganic materials (with focus on bulk materials) and exploring their feasibility as energy harvesting devices for harvesting waste heat. Other relevant topic (i.e. pairing thermoelectric with other technologies such as radiative cooling, solar-water evaporator) can be explored, but should centre around thermoelectrics. The student will be involved in, but not limited to the following:

  • Inorganic materials preparation synthesis and process from raw elements, vacuum sealing, melting and quenching, powderization, sintering as well as post-processing and machining.
  • Characterise the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of the final pellet samples.
  • Structural characterization using SEM, TEM, XRD, and so on.
  • Learn and perform semiconductor properties modeling and analysis using software such as MATLAB, Origin, COMSOL, Ansys, DFT, and so on.
  • Mentor new undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Day to day training as a scientist, including collaboration discussion, preparing for seminar/presentation, as well as engaging potential collaboration partners.


  • Bachelor or Master degree in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, or related fields in Engineering and Science. Prior research experiences in synthesis, sample preparation and characterization of ceramics and alloys will be an advantage.
  • Background knowledge in solid-state physics/chemistry, defect engineering, electronic transport, thermal transport, thermoelectrics, numerical simulation and modelling will be very desirable.
  • Characterization experience including XRD, SEM EDS, TEM, and so on is good to have. 
  • Experience in designing eye-catching figures for publications is good to have.
  • Experience in building home-built experimental setup, with LabView coding will be a major advantage.
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