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We highlight the prestigious “Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Research in Thermoelectrics.” This award was established in 2007 to recognize outstanding young investigators in the field of thermoelectrics or thermoelectric materials. It is granted to researchers and engineers holding positions in academia, industry, government labs, or scientific institutes like The Max Planck Institute.

List of winners

Year Awardee Institution
2022 Prashun Gorai Colorado School of Mines
2021 Johannes de Boor German Aerospace Center
2020 Dr. Yanliang Zhang University of Notre Dame, USA
2019 Professor Jiong Yang Shanghai University
2018 Professor Xiaoyuan Zhou Chongqing University, China
2017 Professor Lidong Zhao Beihang University, China
2016 Professor Chunlei Wan Tsinghua University, China
2015 Dr. Sabah Bux Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2014 Professor Ronggui Yang University of Colorado at Boulder
2013 Yanzhong Pei Tongji University
2011 Professor Eric Toberer Colorado School of Mines
2010 Dr. Xun Shi Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
2009 Dr. Rhyee Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, South Korea

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