The Goldsmid Award for Excellence in Research in Thermoelectrics by a Graduate Student was initiated in 1999. The award carries a cash prize and a certificate. Applications are solicited each year and an award is made if the demanding requirements are met.

Year Awardee Advisor Institution Area of Study Sponsors
2022 Zhonglin Bu
2021 Tingting Deng
2019 Cheng Chang Beihang University, China Marlow Industries/ITS
2018 Kunpeng Zhao Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China Marlow Industries/ITS
2017 Jiawei Zhang Aarhus University, Denmark ITS
2016 Yinglu Tang Caltech, USA Marlow Industries/ITS
2015 Mr. Lipeng Hu Zhejiang University, China Marlow Industries/ITS
2014 Mr. Heng Wang Caltech, USA ITS
2013 Alexandra Z. Williams Caltech, USA Marlow Industries/ITS
2012 Mr. Wei Liu Wuhan University of Technology, China Marlow Industries/ITS
2011 Wenjie Xie T. Tritt/X. Tang Clemson U., USA & Wuhan University of Technology, China Bi2-xSbxTe3 Marlow Industries/ ITS
2010 Andrew F. May J. Snyder Caltech, USA Lanthanum Telluride Marlow Industries/ ITS
2009 Han Li X. Tang Wuhan University of Technology, China Novel Materials Marlow Industries/ ITS
2008 Matt Beekman G. Nolas U. of S. Florida, USA Clathrates Marlow Industries/ ITS
2007 Joshua M. Zide A. Gossard U. of California, Santa Barbara, CA USA Thermoelectric nanocomposites Marlow Industries/ ITS
2007 Yanzhong Pei L. Chen Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Shanghai, China Alkaline-metal-filled skutterudites Marlow Industries/ ITS
2005 Ronggui Yang G. Chen MIT, Cambridge, MA USA Nanoscale simulations of electrons and phonons ITS
2004 Daryoosh Vashaee A. Shakouri U. of California, Santa Cruz, USA Nanoscale thermoelectrics Marlow Industries
2001 Xiaofeng Fan J. Bowers U. of California, Santa Barbara, CA USA Nanoscale thermoelectrics Marlow Industries
1999 Roy Littleton T. Tritt Clemson U., Clemson, SC USA Thermoelectric power in pentatellurides Marlow Industries

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