Graduate Student Award


Welcome to the Graduate Student Award page, which recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of thermoelectrics. These awards were initiated in 2014 and are governed by the same selection criteria as the prestigious Goldsmid Awards. Additionally, multiple recipients may receive a cash prize, making this an excellent opportunity for graduate students to be recognized for their contributions to the field.

List of winners

Year Awardee Institution
2023 Debattam Sarkar
2023 Yi Zhou
2023 Lizhong Su
2023 Qingyu Yang
2022 Jing Tang, Ye Sheng, Shiyang He
2021 Fanchen Meng
2021 Javier Gainza
2021 Kamil Ciesielski
2021 Md Mobarak Hossain Polash
2021 Zhonglin Bu
2019 Yu Xiao Beihang University, China
2019 Zhiwei Chen Tongji University, China
2019 Hongyi Chen Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
2019 Matthias Agne Northwestern University, USA
2019 Riley Hanus Northwestern University, USA
2018 Qihao Zhang Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
2017 Stephen Kang Northwestern University, USA
2017 Zhiwei Chen Tongji University, China
2016 Sage Bauers University of Oregon, USA
2016 Wujie Qiu East China Normal University. China
2016 Chenguang Fu Zhejiang University, China
2015 Patricia Aranguren Public University of Navarre, Spain
2015 Ying He Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
2015 Yinglu Tang California Institute of Technology, USA
2014 Ms. Hanhui Xie Zhejiang University
2014 Mr. Huili Liu Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2014 Mr. Arash Dehkordi Clemson University
2014 Mr. Hang Chi University of Michigan
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