Travel Grants & Waivers


Welcome to the Travel Grants & Waivers page for the International Conference on Thermoelectrics. We understand that attending the conference may involve travel expenses, which is why we offer travel grants and waivers to eligible participants. In this section, you’ll find information about how to apply for these grants and waivers, as well as a list of previously awarded waivers.

List of winners

Year Name
2019 Jesse Adamcysk
2019 I.A. Faydzallah
2019 Yuchen Hu
2019 Kaptansinh Rajput
2019 Gowthamaraju S.
2019 Sylvain Letonquesse
2019 Laura Paradis-Fortin
2019 Prasanna Ponnusamy
2019 Lamya Abellaoui
2019 Romina Rodriguez
2019 Pham Thanh Tuan Anh
2019 Nuttawat Parse
2019 Dulyawich Palaporn
2019 Elena Makarova
2019 Galina Yakovleva
2019 Nyandang
2019 Aneurin Nanggar Nank
2019 Nuur Syahidah Sabran
2018 Niraj Kumar Singh
2018 Takushi Kodani
1 2

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