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We highlight outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of thermoelectrics. This page serves as a tribute to the remarkable work of researchers and innovators who have made significant advancements in thermoelectric technology. Below, you’ll find a table listing the previous award recipients and their noteworthy contributions to the field.

List of winners

Names, Categories of Awards and Places

Koza, M. M.; Johnson, M. R.; Viennois, R.; Mutka, H.; Girard, L.; Ravot, D. won the Best Poster

@ Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Thermoelectrics:, ICT2006

with Dynamics of thermoelectric nanocage-based compounds studied by inelastic neutron scattering.

Kim, Woochul; Zide, Joshua; Gossard, Arthur; Klenov, Dmitri; Stemmer, Susanne; Shakouri, Ali; Majumdar, Arun won the Best Paper


with Thermal Conductivity Reduction and Thermoelectric Figure of Merit Increase by Embedding Nanoparticles in Crystalline Semiconductors

Pei, Y. Z.; Chen, L. D.; Zhang, W.; Shi, X.; Bai, S. Q.; Zhao, X. Y.; Mei, Z. G.; Li, X. Y. won the Best Paper


with Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of KyCo4Sb12

Zide, J. M. O.; Kleiman-Shwarsctein, A.; Strandwitz, N. C.; Zimmerman, J. D.; Steenblock-Smith, T.; Gossard, A. C.; Forman, A.; Ivanovskaya, A.; Stucky, G. D. won the Best Paper


with Increased efficiency in multijunction solar cells through the incorporation of semimetallic ErAs nanoparticles into the tunnel junction

Zide, J. M.; Klenov, D. O.; Stemmer, S.; Gossard, A. C.; Zeng, G.; Bowers, J. E.; Vashaee, D.; Shakouri, A. won the Best Paper


with Thermoelectric power factor in semiconductors with buried epitaxial semimetallic nanoparticles

Altenkirch, Edmund won the Best Paper


with Electrothermal cooling and reversible electric heating

Altenkirch, Edmund won the Best Paper


with On the effectiveness of the thermopile

Yamamoto, Kinzou won the Best Paper


with Thermoelectric Generator using Ni wire for P-type and Bi-Sb-Zn compound for N-type material

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