Transfer of power, fresh new website

Dear Members, Dear Board Members, Dear Sponsors, Dear Visitors,

First of all, a well deserved farewell to Cronin Vining who served the International Thermoelectric Society as a webmaster and point of contact all these years.

Secondly, I am taking up the torch and am more than happy to present to you the fresh new website of the International Thermoelectric Society. Most of the previous content has been successfully transferred and new features will be added in the future. Some content is only accessible to registered members who created an account. As a regular visitor, you should be able to access the upcoming conferences, the referenced jobs, or awards sponsored either by the ITS or sponsors. I would recommend you to register to the newsletter, if not yet, that way you will be aware of all last minute announcements.

The ITS has been sponsored by multiple sponsors in the past, the current list is accessible on the main menu. We would like to thanks all companies who will continue to sponsor the ITS in these difficult times.

Let’s hope it will be possible for all of us to meet at the ITS/ECT 2021.

Robin Lefevre

Webmaster of the ITS Website

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