Publication of Key Properties of Inorganic Thermoelectric Materials

Over the past year a team of 28 colleagues from the International Thermoelectric community have compiled sets of tables of key properties of inorganic thermoelectric materials. You can find the article on

The paper was written by: Robert Freer, Dursun Ekren, Tanmoy Ghosh, Kanishka Biswas , Pengfei Qiu, Shun Wan, Lidong Chen, Shen Han, Chenguang Fu, Tiejun Zhu,A. K. M. Ashiquzzaman Shawon, Alexandra Zevalkink, Kazuki Imasato, G. Jeffrey Snyder, Melis Ozen, Kivanc Saglik, Umut Aydemir, Ra?l Cardoso-Gil, E. Svanidze, Ryoji Funahashi, Anthony V. Powell, Shriparna Mukherjee, Sahil Tippireddy, Paz Vaqueiro, Franck Gascoin and Theodora Kyratsi, Philipp Sauerschnig and Takao Mori.

Whilst the journal published version is available in pdf form, the data tables can be readily accessed as an excel spreadsheet from the NIST Materials Data Facility on

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