Postdocs @ DLR – Thermoelectric Generator / Lunar Applications

Postdoctoral Fellowships on DLR Luna Project

The Department for Thermoelectric Materials and Systems (DLR – Germany) is looking for two postdoctoral fellows that want to contribute to the LUNA project in the framework of an DLR-DAAD fellowship. The LUNA project is an independent ESA-DLR-driven activity to set up a lunar analogue facility in Cologne, Germany in order to test handling and operation of technologies needed for future lunar habitats (read more). LUNA involves conceptualization and development of energy systems and among these, there is a work package for development of an RTG (without the radioactive core) and a demonstration unit to be later used in the experimental LUNA test field. Both modelling and engineering skills are required.

More information can be found on DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships 2019, together with administrative information.

Please contact for further information.

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